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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Few Thoughts: I posted some stuff on various issues over the last week: Bush on Iraq (and Gore's Speech), nuances of language, some Iraqi thoughts, and concerns about judicial independence/sentencing discretion.

How about the CA recall? It is a bit of a joke that Arnold, benefits to Republicans aside, is the leading candidate/"solution" now offerred in California. The recall was started by a small bunch of rich guys to overturn a popularly elected governor who is only partly to blame for the mess over there, while the alternative last election was subpar, as it is this time (what exactly does Arnold know about running California? uh ...). He is a great scapegoat though, but still, this doesn't justified a rushed recall election (new governor, if elected, due to come in November) that might result in a "winner" that only receives a minority of the vote. The obvious nature of all of this makes it tiring to discuss, but then, quick "fixes" via direct democracy that involve easy choices (supporting Arnold is rather easy, isn't it?) is a longstanding practice over there.

On the other hand, the Mets are doing good ... not great, they are the Mets after all ... but challenging the Cards, Astros, and Giants, they held their own. Mike Piazza came back in style today. KC took two out of three of thier first series vs the Yanks, so are hanging on to 1st place. The Marlins actually took 1st place in the Wild Card race, and are surprising people just like its new manager said they would back a few months back. And, the Jets won their second game, thanks to some end of the game turnovers.