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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Mommy and Momma: Determining Parentage in the New Family"

Good discussion on changing ideas of parenthood ... not from the clueless who selectively apply "tradition" as a way to discriminate against gay people. Meanwhile, one of many non-Rick Perry fans who find the indictment dubious. See also, comments.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

How About Never -- Is Never Good For You?: My Life in Cartoons

Lol. I'm reading the memoir and though it is a bit too jokey/thin at times, it is overall an enjoyable read that mixes bio and commentary with a lot of cartoons.

Rev. Joe -- The Color of Rain

As noted, the book was pretty religious, not surprising since its publisher is listed as one which "delivered transformational Christian experiences." If it works, okay, but I do favor a more toned down approach, especially with talk of cancer being a "win win."  More of a "God" as metaphor (sort of like poetry) sort of person myself.  Movie more my speed while including a religious presence often not present in television programs.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ferguson -- Not Craig

I think Lawrence O'Donnell at times is the evening MSNBC program that focuses too much on "cable bait" current news stories, but its coverage of the events in Ferguson is appropriate. There has been a lot of coverage on this important ongoing story, which is a sort of microcosm and warning. Some remarks provided in a blog thread are suitable here: 
The situation warrants a complete picture look - federal/state roles, civil rights, guns, 1A issues, etc.  It seems telling to me that Art. 1, sec. 10 bars states from having "troops" except by special permission. 

The militarization is a concern. The "2A remedy" relevant to me is not primarily to arm the protesters (though I think people do have an individual right to keep arms by a variety of routes). It is the proper use of force and organization of it. For instance, an organized militia with public servants in control positions could be a useful device in controlling a situation of this sort, including locals from the community. 

Shag's concern for militarization also is part of the conversation. Both state and federal "government" is part of the problem there. Police is supposed to be "militia" in nature, not "military." Anyway, there are a lot of parts involved here.
The importance of using some finesse is seen by how tensions was cooled (at least somewhat)  when control shifted. This also shows the limits of local control in certain contexts even if calls for Obama to get involve (via Art. IV federal action?)  directly might not be necessary.  Obama's remarks about stepping back as was his remarks that both looting (see comments for this aspect which is at times not covered in the commentary) and mistreatment of reporters is not proper behavior. 

The whole thing, including the death of the teenager by the police is tragic,if sadly not overly surprising.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Color of Rain

I was overall impressed, especially by the lead actress, with this Hallmark film about a youngish couple who fell in love while helping each other deal with the loss of their spouses.  The book is a bit more religious (somewhat heavy-handed, the publisher makes this unsurprising for those in the know), but pretty good. The couple alternate accounts.

RIP Bacall -- Cats Everywhere Miss You

Thursday, August 14, 2014

"College Sports Should Be Treated as a Source of Funding for Nonprofit Universities, Not as a For-Profit Business"

Dorf on Law economist specialist discusses this subject some more, including how college education is "compensation" and not providing proper education can be a big concern without that changing. Likewise, we can worry about athletes' health and other things without treating them like professionals. I have seen some unbalanced comments on such subjects.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rizzoli & Isles

After Lena on The Fosters obtained a therapeutic abortion mid-term, Rizzoli had a miscarriage on her show while getting hurt in the line of duty (later she helped the witness get a foster mom -- connections!). It was let out her mom had a miscarriage before having Jane. Left unsaid but notable -- Jane had the right to choose to endanger herself.

RIP Bacall

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Court hands off feud about murder appeal

Among the mundane batch of summer orders was this matter.


RIP Robin Williams

It seems somewhat harder when people you grow up with die especially in apparently tragic circumstances (suicide). As one person on the radio noted, his antic style actually turned me off somewhat though note his talent there, while his dramatic work often was his best.

Update: A reminder -- it isn't just important when movie stars do it.

The Supreme Court Needs To Pick Up The PACER

It might be somewhat behind schedule & they should have more audio (at the very least opinion announcements, public events after all), but the USSC has gone far regarding their website. But, they do not do well with orders and other filings. SCOTUSBlog at times links stuff not on the website. Bench statements given to reporters should be public too.