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Monday, February 27, 2017


There is an interesting 1A case being heard today about limits on sex offenders and a few orders of note. A glance at SCOTUSBlog suggests the grants were fairly technical. SCOTUS affirmed without comment a campaign disclosure opinion. Breyer dissented from denial of cert. in a death penalty case, highlighting the issue of a few areas having most death sentences. Meanwhile, more on that pro-Gorsuch ad by a former clerk.

89th Oscars: No Really, Moonlight Won

It was Moonlight's night (insert joke about final f-up) though other films (including Hacksaw Ridge; Hidden Figures excepted, though good cameo by one of the actual women) received nods. Casey Affleck deserved his win though some thought Denzel Washington would get it; but darn man, it was fairly expected -- be a bit prepared. Jimmy Kimmel was a bland host and it's time for someone good, preferably a woman. Extra bits overall lame.

And Also: Think La La Land got a bit too much love and didn't like Zootopia (one of those early in the year films you forgot about); will check out various wins/nominations including Moonlight. Apt statement by foreign film winner; tbh, Viola Davis was a tad much.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Fist Fight

Had a free movie coming and this sort of "matinee price special" film was correctly seen as a good choice. That is, it's not a classic or something, but for what it is -- amusing/well put together with a bit of a positive message but not too serious -- it works fine. The guidance teacher steals her scenes. The "Little Miss Sunshine" moment a highlight.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Spring Training Begins

Latest: stupid intentional walk rule change.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Quickie Reviews

I saw part of the movie years back, but after re-reading Joy in the Morning, just got around to reading the longer A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. Very good and has some rather risque parts for the 1940s. Also listened to the complete audio (Selma Blair) of Anne Franks' diary, based on a more complete version. I read the diary more than once, but don't recall some of the parts, which again were at times rather explicit (sex, menstruation etc.). Blair did a good job, having something of a childish voice that works here. But, should be "Young Woman"!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SCOTUS Watch: Orders

A somewhat notable cert grant regarding a man charged with having a weapon on Capitol grounds [case is basically about his ability to appeal, possibly on 2A grounds] and dissent from cert. (Sotomayor/Breyer) involving problems with lethal injection drugs. The case was held up via Roberts' hesitant "courtesy fifth." The defendant put forth the firing squad as an alternative grounds, which Sotomayor did in her Glossip dissent. Judge Kozinski somewhat from the other side also supports that. Inert gas didn't come up, but might eventually.

Note: Some talk that Roberts' courtesy fifth showed value of Breyer's in the trans case, but dubious argument and the situations are rather different. Article on Breyer.

Monday, February 20, 2017


A local multiplex at times has special showings (like the 30th Anniversary of Dirty Dancing) and yesterday it was a taped performance of this musical (very good especially the female lead; some dark moments, even given the subject matter) about the Japanese internment during WWII. George Takei provided a brief taped intro and there was a short background segment after. It was $19, a bit much, but overall worth it. Theaters should think outside the box like this. My conservative companion who was a girl at the time was horrified it happened. One hopes limited lessons learned for something (as noted) still relevant.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

"Roe" News

The author of a book on Roe v. Wade in progress has written about the matter in Vanity Fair, including providing some details (she's a lesbian? anyone else say that?) about little known Linda Coffee. Shortly after reading one of these articles, saw that Norma McCorvey ("Roe") herself has died. Complicated life. Many complications to this story. Remember, the right to determine the best path for you is key here. This would include Medicaid funding early term for the poor. Her usage by the "pro-life" side really doesn't change the bottom line here.