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Monday, January 22, 2018

Roe Turns 45

The women's marches (thank you!) was well timed in part because today is the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, covering something with various aspects, various subjects (privacy, autonomy, history, medicine, religion, sexual equality, First Amendment issues etc.). No wonder it first was of deep interest to me in high school. Many posts on this blog discuss the issues. Finally, a nod to Doe v. Bolton, which deserves more attention for the material covered, including Douglas' concurrence and the state oral argument.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

A Year later ...

A year ago, I watched a free showing of Loving with various people upset at what happened at noon that day (1/20/17 seems on some basic more of "infamous" day than a surprised military attack on a military target and all involved there). Still find Trump being in the White House and so on insane and nauseating. The whole Stormy Daniels thing (among others) does give people a reason to watch this, a Stormy Daniels production. Saw the girlfriend in the beginning in another film, also as a supporting character. Think she handles the dramatics pretty well. Seriously -- to me, a bit of skill helps there. Go Jags! Please win.

ETA: Okay. A bit more on that film. Has four sex scenes, a sizable lag time between first (the best) and second. Third is a toss-in with two extraneous characters. Guy friend (who she has had sex with) of lead's bestie [who is really the center of a sorta "B" plot] has no sex scenes at all. Lead to me is the blandest of the bunch really. Decent amount of plot and overall (lead's parents are over the top) decent acting. Pats win 4Q. Baseball please.

Friday, January 19, 2018

The Didache: A Window on the Earliest Christians

Re-reading this book on an early (maybe before the gospels or around the same time) Christian work that is a guidebook ("teaching") for believers. I discussed it a few times in the past, including here. The developing tradition aspects [such and such occurs but is given a different meaning over time, for example] continue to impress. As usual, best to consider it as one possible view of certain matters, understanding the past never a perfect science. Overall, appreciate the moderate tone. The Didache itself is worthy to be read along with the books of the NT and would have been a suitable addition to the New New Testament.

ETA: In my original discussion, I referenced a mysterious passage involving something prophets are allowed to do if they don't encourage others to do it. Note the various ways the words are translated, affecting how one is led to understand the text. The average person misses this since they don't know Hebrew or Greek. And, even experts split over these things. This is beyond not knowing the exact context. Or, possibility of mistakes writing it down/copying or whatever. Warrants humility when interpreting/formulating doctrine.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Prequel to "All the President's Men"?

Started a bit slow (and fiscal stuff boring though did add to the drama some and personal story), but overall, enjoyable film quite suitable for the times. Rah rah stuff really.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Division Round

This is an ongoing football post. Eagles 15-10 win (and that's 10 points given up on turnovers) was the sort of gutsy win needed with a back-up QB. Falcons had chance to go ahead late but first and goal effort kinda sad. Figure, written during warm ups, Pats won. Jags probably goners too, especially embarrassing Steelers last time. Saints game likely to be best again. Will update (with winners) as needed. [Jags upset -- their offense repeatedly stopping the Steelers from having a major comeback. Vikings had under a minute after a late field goal complete a Saints comeback and managed to actually to get a TD.]

ETA: It took some questionable non-calls and thought somehow the Steelers would manage to come back -- that onside kick call near the end really was dubious -- but some game by the Jags often dubious offense. And, that is with the D giving up a few "come on!" scores. Fear the Jags can't do that vs Pats but reason to hope it will be a game (contra Titans).

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Clemson etc.

Missed my honorary college football team (Clemson) got whomped in the Sugar Bowl, so Alabama had a shot at the championship. The game likely better than AFC division round games though Jags did beat the Steelers last time. Being behind as usual, finally got a smartphone. It's easy to switch numbers (even from a T-Mobile flip phone to a Verizon Android) though don't really need most of the gimmicks. Typing is annoying though there is a way to make the screen bigger. Grandpa is cranky. Remember answering machines?

Sunday, January 07, 2018

2018: A Week In

It's a week in and besides being damn cold at times, what has changed, huh? So disappointed in you 2018! Seriously, who knows what this year will bring. Disappointments and a few surprises, I guess. Winners of today's football games as expected but Jags eked out in a bad effort (Bills QB out late after a wicked hit that for some f-ing reason got no penalty) while Panthers hung on until late to lose (an early missed chip shot helped that). Theme for me recently is that I'm tired of assholes and people doing asshole things. That is all.