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Friday, September 05, 2003

Football: The Mets/Phillies matchup as usual saw the Mets show life, but lose in the end ... this happened when the Mets were in contention, and it's happening now. As that played on, the Jets/Redskins game started things off for the NFL season ... other than the surely newsworthy story of Vinny Testaverde starting again, the game was surely not the ideal one for that purpose. If Chad was there, I do think the Jets would have won against an at best middle of the road team; this was the projected result when the game was scheduled. Likewise, the Jets had a busy pre-season with an extra game (Japan). So why were they chosen for a Thursday game? I guess they had their reasons as did those behind the conservative Jets offensive plan that did result in a close game, but unfortunately the wrong way ... 16-13, the difference being another key long field goal by John Hall, but again, unfortunately he's planning for the other side. The defense had their moments, including two turnovers, but also didn't stop the Redskins at key moments. The offense was a tad bit creaky. It was not a pleasant game.