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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

The Republican Collapse: "It's really gotten close to the point where the only reason for limited-government types to vote for Republican presidents is that they occasionally appoint judges who believe that the Constitution restrains federal and state regulatory power; Republican-appointed judges even tend to have a broader view of the restraints the First Amendment places on government than do liberal judges. [horrors!] But the spending record of Republicans in the Bush years is just appalling. The latest on this can be found here." [David Bernstein]

After a 6AM Saturday, three hour arm twisting, vote, the new Medicare reform package was passed in the Republican House by a few votes. Today, it passed in the Republican Senate 54-44 (Lieberman and Kerry, opposition, not voting), the deciding votes Democrat dissenters. A look at the tally shows that a few Republicans did not vote for it, opposing (benefit to the President's re-election campaign aside) this large raise in governmental spending. If fiscal security and (surely not, not in leadership at least) fair play is not shown by the opposition, what exactly leads one to want to vote Republican? Morality? Supporting the f-ed up foreign policy of the President? Throw me a bone here fellas.

Meanwhile, the government added to the charges of the Guantanamo Bay chaplain suspected of illegally assisting the detainees there. Apparently, he committed adultery (or at least had sexual relations with someone other than his wife) and viewed and stored pornography on a Department of Defense computer. Are we trying to send some sort of message here, guys? Of greater note, perhaps, is the fact the government will allow him to return to duty at a base in Georgia as long as he does not come in contact with Guantanamo Bay detainees. To be continued?

Love Actually ... is a bit shameless. The acting overall is very good, but only some of the stories work above the "this is just laying things on a bit thick" level. It averages out okay with a few quite enjoyable subplots, including a pair who fall in love while working in a porn movie. On the other hand, instead of watching a subplot rip it off, why not just watch About the Boy itself?

Happy Birthday ... Christina Applegate.