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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Dad and McCain A Bit Upset: Reports are coming out again that the President's dad didn't really support the current war in Iraq either ... a recent statement of annoyance by him about how the "elites" (as compared to the masses he is part of?) were criticizing the his son aside. The guy is a born again Christian -- what happened to the Fourth (Fifth) Commandment? Oh, wait -- sources in the Administration say dad was with Dubya from Day One. And, if you can't trust the official line ... next you'd be telling me Lynn Cheney wrote a feminist book supporting lesbians and free love. Or that Laura Bush killed her ex-boyfriend in a car accident. Come on now!

Sen. McCain also recently noted his party has lost its way. This suggests why it could be GREAT if the guy actually somehow was Sen. Kerry's Vice President. Not that this rush to select one isn't a bit silly. Anyway, honestly, some of the choices leave something to be desired, including Gephardt (yuck) and Edwards (nice guy, bit green, and his anti-free trade comments were a bit over the top ... and I voted for the guy).

It's true as well that McCain is um conservative and all, but we need some unity government to bring about real change. Besides, half of this conservative stuff is not too much different from what someone like Clinton supported. And, if the Republicans lost their way and all, how could he support the re-election of their leader? Simply rhetorical -- I'm sure such people find ways, though the effort involved this time around might be a bit more than usual.

Odds and Ends: I'm sure regular sorts were sooo happy to find out that Jennifer Lopez's mom (thanks to divine intervention of some sort) recently won big in the slots. For fans of General Tao/Sesame Bean Curd (Tofu), I offer here as is a good spot as well as a place down the way from 10 Downing St. (NYC). Talking about food, Virginia Postrel links to a good article on grape tomatoes -- yummy! In honor of National Poetry Month, I offer this -- I came upon it doing some research, and if one can get passed the nature of the photos, the photography and poetry of the site is well done. Also, you can check out my discussion of Possession.