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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Odds and Ends: I might continue using the box format when I include mini-essays like the one below. I also posted it on the Slate fray, but thought it not so long that a full post here in a smaller font would be unwieldy. I would also note the recent orals led to a slew of excellent posts on the fray board.

The "voluntary" nature of "under God" in the Pledge might be suggested by what happened when a member of Congress left it out when reciting it. I am a bit ashamed that David Letterman has stooped to Fear Factor type material, in particular, days of guys with stupid names chewing glass. Friends is about over, the last season one long goodbye party, and it's around three years too late. The show jumped the shark when Chandler proposed to Monica (or vice versa). Finally, David Brooks is whining that the country isn't stopping all activity while major fighting goes on in Iraq. Does this apply to bashing Kerry's military record or only things that might hurt the President?