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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Well, that was pathetic

Quick Bits: A FBI report has reaffirmed many of the concerns of fired translator Sibel Edmonds. Also, an interesting lower court decision overturning a sticker put in textbooks that stated that evolution is but a "theory," is discussed on this thread.

The NY Jets won the Super Bowl not long after the game was first played, but since then had a series of "here we go again" moments that prevented a repeat. As they did tonight. The Jets played good enough (well the defense played good enough) for the stories about this latest collapse to write itself in all ironic detail. This time the Jets missed the field goal (twice really, but only one would have iced the game), allowing the other team to win 20-17 in OT. The third consecutive OT that they had to play, a record that they had no desire making.

And, they shouldn't have. The offense ... let's find the right word ... played F----- pathetic. Oh, sure, the game is still fresh in my mind, but what else can you say about an offense that had THREE points? Points they were lucky to have because of a bad snap that was well played by the kicker (the veteran waited to have his moment in the sun ... so to speak). An interception had earlier made it 10-0 Pittsburgh (they had to score, but actually managed to get the yards when they had to), but it was 10-10 at the Half because of a punt return for a touchdown. A field goal attempt was not made at the end of regulation since the Jets just ran out of time before they downed the ball.

They were up 17-10 because of an interception ran for a touchdown. The rookie QB had many interceptions (add a key fumble, one the Jets failed to take advantage of), but you still have to do SOMETHING on offense. The Jets did not. This highlights the final two field goal attempts. First, it was a 47 YD attempt, which was just too long -- the Jets had to get a first down in that situation. It was only a near miss. The Jets got the ball right back on an interception and got the first down ... but only a few yards of field position.

This field goal attempt, again no gimmee even with a veteran ... was really off. So, the kicker is the goat, and some blame is on his shoulders. You need to make a 43 YD field goal in that situation. Still, the offense, including the QB, is the ultimate one to blame (with an assist from the coaching).

The defense finally wore down in OT, after the Jets got one more breath of life with a close first down call, and there was that winning field goal (Pittsburgh got it closer as well, but it still looked a bit close). The defense missed a few times late, including a long QB scamper, but they did their job rather well. The offense stunk.

No moral victory. The Jets had this game and gave it away. Same old Jets ... choked at the clutch ... Chad and company at the controls. Oh, the Pittsburgh QB was beatable -- he has to play better than this to beat the Pats or Colts. But, give even someone with a somewhat off day chance after chance, hell, the end result is clear. Jets cannot go the next mile. Next up: the sun rises in the east.