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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Baseball Again

Prisoner Abortion Case: Put aside the title's suggestion that the denial can tell us that much. This essay's discussion of the lower court's opinion ordering a state to transport a prisoner (who it turns out will pay for the actual procedure herself, an important factor) to get an abortion fills in some interesting details. Key factor: prison need to supply medical services, even if it costs money and raises some safety concerns, the latter being the test in reducing prisoner rights (unless inherent to punishment), not state morality concerns. The opinion itself is not linked, but the essay sounds like a good summary.

I see -- I won't say it lost them the game, but it is notable -- that before the key grand slam in Game Two, there was two outs and the person who loaded the bases got on via another blown call. He was not hit by the ball; replays suggested as much and he admitted it after the game. Unlike a move made in a recent game of woman's golf (Michele Wie's first professional game), no official could "sleep on it," and disqualify the person the next day (that was silly btw).

The Astros benefited from at least one questionable call in a key situation (Braves/Eighth inning), so let me make a more general point: given the importance of the games, there were just too many bad calls in key situations after Game 162. Also, an umpire with an attitude problem (Joe West) was put on World Series staff. Not good.

Anyway, the Astros are in a position akin to the Padres in 1998 -- being left with sentiment that they have to be happy to just have gotten to the World Series. After all, they have found a myriad of ways to lose. This time, the starter did not do bad because he was hurt, but the line was lackluster anyway. This time, for the second time, the Astros got to the White Sox's bullpen for naught. It just took longer -- until after 2AM my time, 1AM local time (Chicago and Houston are in the same time zone) -- but came it did.

The Astros bullpen was down to dross, but he had two outs. Pinch hit home run: the Sox has a theme going where key home runs are hit by unlikely heroes, though late inning homers off back enders is less strange. The Astros -- in part thanks to an error -- was one hit away from tying it in the bottom of the 14th. Though the Astros had to deal with the Game Two starter in for a one out save, a pretty good hitter was up to bat with men on first and third. The Astros had made some clutch hits ... for ties and such ... but they do not yet have a true clutch hit. Down 3-0, they don't have much time left. The camera loved to go to Backe, Astros cheerleader ... now he's their last hope starter.

Red Sox: 1918/2004 ... White Sox 1917/2005? As of this writing, not quite yet.

Update: Backe shines, the closer and hitters do not. Sox sweep again. Time for a competitive WS.