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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sat Morning Thoughts

Sports: One hears about the "Curse of the Bambino" -- well heard -- but the White Sox have had it worse. They had yet to win a postseason season since 1917 (and threw one two years later). Well, that has changed with a sweep of the Red Sox in Round One ... and they barely broke out a sweat doing so. The first game was a romp, the second was won in the mid-innings via an era, and the last by a Houdini job by former Yank (another winning Game One), El Duque, coming in with no one else and the bases loaded in the sixth ... White Sox up 4-3. No runs were scored and he pitched two more scoreless innings. Meanwhile, the Yanks are down 2-1, the Big Unit coming up small, and Aaron Small (10-0) finally losing a game as a Yankee.

Miers: The hysteria by some on the Right against this gal is amazing. Charles Krauthammer wondered how she is more qualified than any other of the million or so lawyers out there. You too can be a Supreme Court justice! In fact, since you technically do not have to be a lawyer (unlike the solicitor general who has to be "learned in the law"), why stop at lawyers Charles? Another thought it damning that she was a leader in her state ABA -- clearly a liberal bastion.

Dems are smiling with glee, but cut through the shit, the critics are right on the cronyism and somewhat dubious (for this level) experience. O'Connor was minority leader, state judge, and was said to have what it takes to be the governor of the state. And, Miers was involved in the administration's war policy -- this is a negative not only on the substance, but because she would have to recuse herself. But, darn if the conservatives are hysterical. As others say, "I feel your pain." This administration is painful to bear, is it not? It's your fault, of course, but keep on whining.

Air America: Katherine Lanphur is leaving Air America to write a book. She was the professional journalist/experienced radio host half of the Al Franken Show as well as being its ballast. This is unfortunate. In fact, since Franken had to leave early for a conference, she handled the show solo for an hour or so on her last day. Her low key, levelheaded style came out. Usually, she says in the background and lets Franken dominate.

He is an entertainer so can handle it and has the brains. But, he has a certain simpleminded centrist do-goer mentality that annoys after awhile. This was shown by his gung ho "we will win" support of Kerry. It is shown by his repeated opposition to so-called "cut and run." And, so forth. Meanwhile, other key hosts are a bit too kneejerk or at times a bit foaming at the mouth. Some, like Randy Rhodes and Sam Seder, are clearly on the ball ... but Katherine has a sort of levelheadness that appeals to me. A couple of the lesser known hosts that are not regulars (except on weekends) have promise and though she is a bit boring, Rachel Maddow is good.

But, honestly, the daily hosts aren't quite my style. Katherine sorta was, even if she was woefully underused. And, she will be missed. btw I added to the Wikipedia -- user generated encylopedia -- experience by adding a line about her departure to her entry. It was quickly edited into the piece though my addition is still present at the bottom of the essay. A bit of clean up please!