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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Radio Chick Coming Back

Football: Detroit was lame again, but Denver won in OT, surviving two scores on turnovers. NY Giants in first ... for the time being. Meanwhile, the Mets got Delgado from the Marlins, a good player and a social activist of sorts. For one thing there is that anti-war thing ...

Around five years ago, I started listening to "The Radio Chick," a local radio show (NYC) inspired by Howard Stern ... but with a somewhat more feminine point of view (still, she did emphasize her "rack" ... her target audience was guys and more off color Long Island housewives). Actually, and I have a signed picture, her voice is what appealed to me -- personally, she is not quite my type, but Leslie Gold (her name) has a good radio voice. And, that is what matters on radio, personal appearances aside, right? One of her sidekicks, Chuck Nice, recently was on WE Network promoting its "Cinematherapy" feature, so she was on my mind recently.

Gold had an interesting path into radio -- she made her money in the glass business, and then went into radio. First in Boston (where she picked up her first sidekick, producer "Butchy" ... think the dad on Family Guy, who is basically his idol*), then in New York, where she was eventually let go. Still, while it lasted, Gold made 10-2 P.M. a pleasant experience (when she shifted to 6-9 A.M., she lost her charm -- it seemed like Gold was phoning it in at times, and I barely had a chance to listen).

And, then she was fired in favor of a lame syndicated program [they had their moments, and actually was pretty reassuring when 9/11 struck ... I would have liked to see her take, which probably would have been jingoistic], eventually going to satellite radio. I saw though that she will be back (1/06), in fact in the afternoon drive slot of the station where her idol Howard Stern current resides (and will soon leave for satellite).

Don't know if I will be able to hear you, or how much, but good luck. And, welcome back.


* To further a trend/whine, this is just one more show that is not good any more. Still, Related had another pretty good episode (dealing with the future stepmother's long lost son), though the show has its "too precious" moments. But, why was the Thanksgiving episode on LAST WEEK? It is not like this week's episode was a repeat -- it was not, and in fact referenced the Thanksgiving episode. Thus, the show was actually ahead of the calendar. Anyway, the tendency of t.v. shows having holiday episodes weeks before the holiday is one of my many pet peeves.