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Monday, January 22, 2007

Like the Red Sox ...

And Also: See here for various links to abortion posts ... in honor of 1/22/73.

The Colts finally made it to the big dance in style -- down by 18 late Second Half, they came back (after the Pats kept on breaking ties) and went up by 4, giving the Pats nearly no time to respond. And, stopped them when they tried. [A TD did the trick, so no end of the game kicker magic this time.]

Good game, but not emotionally satisfying for me personally, since I really don't like either team. Still, the best team won, and the game was basically all that was advertised, even if it looked like the Colts were dead in the water. With Manning slip-ups to prove it. But, something finally went their way, they eventually made it 21-6, and kept on going from there. Unlike the Saints, whose comeback stalled.

Oh well. Again, go Bears! Don't worry about that bye week -- you will see Peyton Manning in some commercial ("they aren't booing, they are saying mooo-vers") before then. Guy is almost as ubiquitous as Geico commercials.