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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sports Update

Miami and St. Louis are still winless, the former in part thanks to the Jets sole win, which wasn't easy. This week, Jets blew a 23-10 lead, but hey, Chad led the team to eight at the buzzer. Unfortunately, this was after the other team intercepted a desperation toss to put them up by 15 ... the game ending two made it 38-31. Giants did well against another scrub. And, the Red Sox came back from 3-1 to get to the WS. The Yanks also were down 3-1 ... unfortunately in a five game series. When the Red Sox get to the WS more times than the Yanks ... well, it's time to go. Oh, Bears win via a late score and Saints now have two wins! Who will be embarrassed and be beaten by the Falcons?