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Monday, April 23, 2012

Army Wives

I have watched this show from the beginning, but it has been something of a mixed bag, including early this season, after a two part action packed beginning.  As noted the last few weeks, it has really moved into first gear with a multi-episode story arc that appears to have been completed last night. A mission was sent to some African country to evacuate some non-combats as violence rose after the death of a possible coalition candidate.  Meanwhile, some drama occurred back on the base.

A lot of stuff happened, some inter-connected, overall all well done.  Turns out guest star Kelli Martin (ER etc.)  would have a lot to do. She began her role as a captain in intelligence give a situation briefing with special knowledge of the ongoing problem in Africa. There was some thought by some viewers that there was a thing between her and the general (whose wife, CJ's nemesis -- who now appears to have a little anti-depressant or something drug thing going on -- left him after an affair he had with an underling). Anyway, it was an early on hint at how important fairly low ranking people are in strategy moves.

Her skills, plus even her sex (a group matrilineal, so respecting women), helped deal with a possibly lethal incident in the field.  It also showed the risk and stress involved, including by young newbies who are facing people with guns.  She was injured in the leg on the way back as they mowed past a barrier.  Earlier, someone else was seriously injured when a possibly long standing land mine blew.  His Asian wife committed suicide because of the various stresses of their marriage and her life here.  This subplot was handled nicely with various characters, including a new minor one (a German wife that Roxy had to deal with when her macaroni salad made her husband sick) talking about the stress of such wives.

It turns out the the captain is the girlfriend of Roland/Joan's adopted son's after school center.  I wasn't sure, but it turns out that this is supposed to be happening after DADT was over (early on, the show seemed to be a bit behind actual events). There was a nice ending where she meets the injured captain at homecoming; they kissed, but no flash bulbs or anything.  It was a private moment and we saw how special it was for the captain to be able to have a loved one there.  Also, another issue arose earlier, since the captain's mom is her emergency contact, who did not inform the girlfriend of the injury.  They were keeping it private or perhaps there would be a way to have more than one person to notify.

[On the subject, I by chance -- Fios doesn't provide t.v. guides and there are a ton of channels -- caught Eloise's Lover on Sundance.  First, I wasn't going crazy -- the Spanish dialect is a bit different than many films. Second, well acted and nice to look at, but some stereotypical aspects and not the best of ending.  (It also is a bit confusing, but the comments there and at IMDB suggests a logical explanation.)  Overall, I enjoyed it -- hard not to like the leads and the beauty of the language.]

This is only a brief look at the three episode story arc that is very impressive.  Afterwards, I watched Veep on HBO.  Nice to see My Girl (Anna Chlumsky), but wasn't really impressed.  Seems like something various political blog viewers (the sorts who love to say "villagers" or such) would love, a lot of potty mouth immature goings on.  Might be an okay time waster.  There was a preview for yet another cable series (it's amazing really) with Jeff Daniels and various other familiar faces (including Alison Pill, a talented young stage/screen actress) that takes place in a newsroom.  I even found a web series looking into something.

No wonder I read fewer hard copy things these days.