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Monday, September 24, 2012

The ABO Factor?

[Update: Take this guy.  Even though he's right on the issue, more or less (who knows the exact details about the demands), he comes off as a jerk. Not for the first time.  Along with PC, he drags down the blog (still miss Charli Carpenter), even though again he brings some expertise.  Because he comes off as so much of a jerk even one of his co-bloggers had to call him for it at times.  Scorn takes you just so far, really.]
My philosophy is that you have to strongly show what is wrong with the other side, while putting forth a reason to vote for your ticket. I honestly am more worried about Bush than supportive of Kerry, though Kerry has enough going for him that I can equally honestly say that I don't have to hold my nose either to switch the little lever for him in November.

It important to remember that people like to believe in something. I myself do not like to have to strongly dislike people. It is not good for you. Something good has to motivate me as well, or life is too depressing after awhile.
Someone linked to a 2004 (tempus fugit) blog I wrote, and since at times I see Romney as a sort of "Kerry," this seems relevant.  The election will be closer than it really should be, but it is striking how unlikeable Romney is.  Kerry was not very likeable and the election was decided by Ohio.

Still, the thing there was not that people simply disliked the guy.  It was more that he was so stiff and such.  I don't recall people simply disliking him as a person.  Likewise, Edwards might have been seen by some as an empty suit.  Ryan, however, is seen as an ideologue with whom some Republicans running for office rather not associate themselves.  Some voters do "like" Ryan.  I can't see them as a big segment of the general election.  We are talking about some rump of one party.  And, even there, from what I can see, a big part of his message is distaste.

This is the party of St. Reagan or even cheery Dubya?  It is quite hard to win an election, surely a mid-term one of this sort without a candidate with some likeability.  You cannot just rest on disliking people.  Even now, I find the vote oh so easy since the other side is to my mind ridiculous.  Still, that isn't the only reason I'm voting Obama. He actually brings something to the table and has some things I like, including an intelligence and yes pleasant enough disposition that even those who might not support his policies might appreciate.  His administration helped pushed things in the right direction in more than one area (gay rights, health care stand out) in significant ways.  Meanwhile, Romney comes off as an asshole.  Even beyond policies, I dislike the man.  I'm not alone.

As I note above, and the sentiment remains, I don't like disliking people.  It doesn't feel good and it is unpleasant though up to a point there is some rightful outrage there.  If I had to actually vote for such a person, especially when the other guy (if I was honest) was all that bad in various ways (Ted Olson, e.g., is pushing for the side opposing his marriage equality mission;  a party big on "tough guy" is now compelled to be voting against the guy who "killed OBL"), it would be pretty tough.  How many Republican voters quite honestly can say they will not have to hold their noses to vote for Romney?  It's pretty sad really.

But, I'm not overly optimistic here. Romney is likely to get somewhere in the mid-40s in total popular vote.  I would be rather surprised if he won though and (miscalling things in 2000 notwithstanding) I'm pretty confident there. Still with gerrymandering and other things, the Dems still will not have enough support in Congress as reasonable people should provide though polls suggest some gains in the House and keeping the Senate (though even holding about firm will continue the broken branch filibuster rules of governing)  is favored at this time.  A key election this time around is Massachusetts, but it's quite possible that Kerry will be the next Secretary of State and the loser (either one) will fill his spot!

ABB didn't win in '04 and ABO is a longshot this time around.