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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Obama On Closing Gitmo: ‘I’m Going To Go Back At This’


It is lame simply to blame him for not closing GITMO, but he is part of the problem. The hunger strike was raised in today's press conference. Will anything get done?

Update: See here.  I realize Obama is playing with a bad deck but if he can play with the rules by supporting an invasion in Libya, I think there is room here, including perhaps forcing the point with a certain detainee and seeing what Congress does.  This is one of those special situations like Lincoln at the start of the Civil War.


JackD said...

What would you have him do?

Joe said...

One thing cited is that there is a set of detainees, maybe about half, that were cleared for release but complaints are that their status is in limbo. Also, make it more a public issue. It is really forgotten these days. Took a hunger strike for it to be made more public.

JackD said...

I think the real problem is the countries they would return to (Yemen) and I recall vaguely that Congress has put very substantial roadblocks to that repatriation in particular.

Joe said...

Yes, something like 1/2 even maybe from Yemen & since the situation is so screwed up there, the Administration didn't think it safe to send them back there. As you probably know, this leads me to be less pissed off at him then some people come off as. But, don't think all the critics are just full of it.

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