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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All Star Game

And Also: Got to say that Colbert has been a bit rough the first two times back, with two extended 'eh' segments.  The Fox News bit last night was amusing.  Syndicated t.v. watch -- great episode of Rules of Engagement at midnight (my time) on WGN, Timmy going to the psychiatrist to help Russell find out about himself and Jeff upset about someone eating off his plate. Jen also had a good bit involving a stripped shirt.  

Mets fans very well might see the team going thru five year cycles, more or less, with the 2000 World Series long gone.  Many, especially since we are reminded of it every time the guy pitches when the Cardinals come to town, might recall 2006.  Then, there were the two years of the season ending on the final day (cf. 1999, where the team needed an extra game to get to the playoffs).  And, a bunch of downer years where hope for the playoffs disappeared, though first halves had a tendency to be okay.

The team appears to be going in the right direction now, costly contracts finally coming  off the ledger, no really stupid moves made (a few expensive relievers were signed last year, but relatively speaking, not akin to money tossed down the whole for the likes of Bay or Perez or Castillo).  Likewise, each year appears to have some highlight. First, though he ended on a wimp move (leaving game after an at bat), Reyes ended his Mets reign with a batting title. Then, a two-fer -- first no-hitter and a Cy Young winner (not even the same person!).

And, now an All Star Game and young phenom coming into his own -- Matt Harvey, who started it at his home park.  The first pitch was made (after some stretching) by Tom Seaver, who had a health scare recently, and later had a nice little interview.  Harvey might have had a bit of nerves, giving up a hit and hitting a batter, but then settling down for a good two innings of work.  There were only three hits by the NL (mostly boring game), two by Mets (one former -- Beltran -- one by Wright), the third by Paul Goldschmidt, Votto's replacement.  Note more than one local whined about Harvey skipping a start for an "exhibition game," as if it mattered he skipped and game. A co-host of a local sports show today noted that the game was probably the second most important start of his life thus far.  Yeah.  So, yeah, skipping a game vs. the Pirates didn't matter.

As noted, the game as a whole was pretty boring, the pitchers not giving much up at all after Harvey's starting hiccups.  A few moments, including Rivera's 8th inning appearance (remember, he started as a set-up man), are notable.  One pretty impressive was -- after chubby (Fielder) chugged a lead-off triple -- Grilli holding the AL scoreless in the 9th.  Kimbrel btw had the weakest inning -- three hits, one run. Lee didn't have a good inning either. The AL pitching was impressive. A great play by the third baseman (I believe Machado).  Rivera, the sentimental choice, was MVP, but winning pitcher Sale (two innings, no hits) might have earned it.

The Mets or NY fan was more interested in the start and finish, Harvey giving you two and Rivera giving a finale.  AL gets home field advantage.

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