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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Questioning Darwin

That's a pretty impressive account of creation, and for me it highlights the biggest failure of Questioning Darwin: the lack of acknowledgement that science is, for some, perhaps the greatest evidence of God's magnificent power.
A good point from "U.S. Catholic" in response to a documentary that I passed on the t.v. recently. People for or against "religion" etc. sometimes seem rather sadly limited minded about things. Sen. Gillibrand, e.g., said in her book that feeling God wanted her to do more was a key reason why she ran for office. She isn't some right wing nut.


JackD said...

I'd like to see congressional debate and vote to satisfy my view of the constitutional requirement but also to place the usual suspects in the position of putting their money where their mouth is so that they can't simply complain as they would prefer.

Joe said...

I take this is in regards to the AUMF comment. Sounds practical. Some Democrat was on a radio show recently & noted that few want to put their neck out, on both sides. One of the times where "they both do it" is a fairly correct statement.

JackD said...

Yes, sorry for the misplaced post. I agree about "they both do it."

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