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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


As a liberal sort, I'm a bit wary about the talk that "probable cause" is so easy to meet, grand juries always indict etc., since in most cases, the defendant isn't some police officer who killed a black teenager. Still, the cynicism is at least somewhat warranted in that most grand juries aren't handled like this. This has the look of a public relations gambit, which results in certain "special" defendants getting extra protections outside a normal public trial.


JackD said...

No, all grand juries are not handled like that one but, interestingly, I read somewhere today that they refuse true bills in about 10% of the cases presented to them. I don't know if any of those involve ham sandwiches.

Joe said...

Huh. I would be interested in that -- putting aside special situations, such as prosecutions involving police misconduct, the article I read cited a number of a fraction of one percent.

JackD said...

Went back and looked for it and couldn't find it. What I did find was closer to your understanding.

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