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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Election Day

John Oliver had a segment on elections highlighting that choices over state Medicaid funding will be affected in at least three states today. Ohio has one on marijuana prohibition and various other places will have notable things on the ballot. Somewhat less so locally here in Yankee country.

A few local offices are up but for me personally there was the sure to win district attorney, who sent me some campaign literature. FWIW, she seems qualified enough for the position.  She is filling in for the long time DA (who a while back was overruled by the governor when he refused to bring a death penalty case for a cop killer; the death penalty has since been mooted by court challenge) now running for judge.  This opens up a chance for his wife, being a state judge too while your hubby is a prosecutor tricky; here she wants to be presiding judge.

This also meant I actually had a reason to know a little about a few of the judges running, usually something chosen by party label.  Actually, one person running (given party label is basically the only way local voters, in a strongly Democratic area, has a chance to pick here, all of the Democrats are likely to win here) is someone who my teacher some time back.  This means not only do I know the guy but actually met him!  Again, seems like a decent enough sort though who knows how good of a judge he is. The whole process of judges running in political campaigns is dubious on principle but the lack of information alone makes it something of a joke to me.  Don't even get a pre-election voter guide for judges.

Anyway, as presidential candidates keep on dropping out (Prof. Lessig, we hardly knew thee), an actual election is going on today. And, local elections remain basically the core of our democratic system, involving things that directly affect our lives.  This is so even when some of them are for things I think shouldn't be up to elections. Borderline on district attorney too though there is less conflict of interest concerns and at least we get a bit of information about them before the election.

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