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Monday, December 14, 2015

Football Update

A few interesting football games yesterday, including the Redskins beating the Bears -- will the badly named ones actually figure out a way to hold on and win the NL Least? Big news probably was the Bengals QB being out for the season -- Bengals showed some promise, found a way to stop winning and now (again) find some way to come back to earth.

The Colts had a back-up too, but that was really no excuse to be embarrassed by the Jaguars. But, the Pats used Houston (for a few hours in first place) to get back on track, so we now have two 6-7 division leaders. Oakland eked a win vs. the Denver back-up. Jets had an easy win versus the Titans -- with the Bills and Cowboys looking bad, can we imagine a 10-6 finish that should be enough for a playoff spot. We can ... can imagine them messing it up too. Giants tonight. That should be fun. (maybe not)

Update: Giants actually found a way to complete the deal. Might be a tease -- probably need to beat at least one tough opponent, something they have yet to do -- but guess it was bound to happen eventually.


Also: The normal rotation of The Closer repeats last night had a Christmas themed episode from near the end of the sixth season involving Balkans unpleasantness that even made the usually on balance Provenza upset. The mystery conclusion was somewhat unsatisfactory and I'm not sure (they found an opt out) marital privilege cannot be waived by one party these days (might be different in California).

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