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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Where's All The Black People At? (apologies to Blazing Saddles!)

I used to consistently watch the Oscars but now watch much fewer movies in theaters, not a big fan of the host and the whole "they are all white" thing is a bit off. Won't watch them tonight though it isn't some sort of "boycott." Of the films, The Martian was disappointing, The Big Short good but didn't quite work with all that info as a movie and sorry was really bored with Inside Out. Opening to Bridge of Spies really bored me; decided to stick to the book. None of the other things stand out at first blush. Have yet to see Brooklyn though.

Update: The Big Short got a deserved writing award with Spotlight getting the picture slot in a film that sounds like it is better as a complete movie. Brie Larson got actress for a kidnap victim. Don't care about Leo's movie. This is ironic funny but sort of inside baseball (Stacey Dash is a FOX commentator, so a funny "black voice" to use and the type "they" would use.)

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