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Sunday, November 06, 2016

NFL Sunday: One Step Closer to Bryce Petty

Early games alert. NY teams played same time and both game were sloppy. NYG late gave Eagles chance to make up a large deficit (multiple fourth down flubs burned Philly) but survived. Jets game turned on a return for a touchdown after their penalty forced a re-kick. Detroit hit a 58yd at the buzzer after having less than 1/2 minute to score and won in OT. Vikings 5-0 start looking long ago. Meanwhile, Comey says "nevermind." Schmuck.

Update: Packers lost, reflecting Vikings are in a weak division. AFC West have three teams with six wins; rest of divisions have a lot of mediocrity with a few superior teams total. [Oakland won, again not doing so totally pretty. Helped future tie-breakers for division.]

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