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Monday, December 26, 2016


The visuals of this film should result in at least one technical Oscar and the performances (basically two with two supporting characters, one limited to a few scenes late) are rather good too. The two "passengers" on a space journey wake up a lifetime too soon, one by the other after a year of loneliness. This major ethical breach ("murder" by her sentiment later on) is tempered a bit by the later action which shows two were needed to save the ship. Liked it overall, visuals impressive and deeper questions (believably applied) adds weight.

My view: His actions were deeply wrong (and he knew it) but humanly understandable. She was horrified when she found out etc., so we don't just get his view there. The final action helps there but it is reasonably possible something would arise where one would need the other to save them. Some might still not be able to forgive but many would act as she did.

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