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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Chelsea Manning Among Those Whose Sentences Commuted

Obama has a record of commutations, pardons are much less, no matter how much ideally he should have done much more. One person among the last couple batches is of special note. I think she was rightly convicted for releasing hundreds of thousands of secret materials as a low level military official, no way merely "whistle-blowing" of illegal actions which endangered innocent parties (which all her defenders from some comments appear don't give a shit about). But, seven years is enough, especially since she admitted fault and didn't flee to Russia, putting aside abuses (how horrible is unclear to me) regarding her treatment.

ETA: "Traitor" is kicked around but she wasn't convicted of treason. Her actions were deemed to have "aided" the enemy, but she was found innocent of that charge. Yes, all sides use the term loosely, some in fact calling her a "patriot." I hold to the idea there is a moral reason to submit to the criminal justice system, fears of mistreatment can apply to those we don't like.

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