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Sunday, January 01, 2017

NFL Week 17

Pats went up early and Dolphins blew at least a couple shots at making it interesting. Jets again found a whipping boy in the Bills, going 5-11. Panthers tried to win it near end but failed. Browns managed to lose in OT. Oakland will drop from possible #2 to #5 but should beat the Texans even with a back-up. Other games. Unlike some teams, Giants kept their top QB in for a "meaningless" game vs. playoff hunting Redskins (win/in; lose the loser of the night game still in). Defense held late, even tacking on six on last play. 19-10.

Update: Not that the first guy did that well, but Oakland on their #3 now. Green Bay won (quick FG at end of 1st Half after nice Lions drive started it) & will play NYG.

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