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Monday, February 27, 2017

89th Oscars: No Really, Moonlight Won

It was Moonlight's night (insert joke about final f-up) though other films (including Hacksaw Ridge; Hidden Figures excepted, though good cameo by one of the actual women) received nods. Casey Affleck deserved his win though some thought Denzel Washington would get it; but darn man, it was fairly expected -- be a bit prepared. Jimmy Kimmel was a bland host and it's time for someone good, preferably a woman. Extra bits overall lame.

And Also: Think La La Land got a bit too much love and didn't like Zootopia (one of those early in the year films you forgot about); will check out various wins/nominations including Moonlight. Apt statement by foreign film winner; tbh, Viola Davis was a tad much.

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