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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Latest Mets Drama

Appeared ready to sweep the Nats last weekend, after being swept, with Thor on the mound. Instead, they lost 23-5 (third string catcher pitching two), Thor now on the 60 Day DL. A possibility of a sweep of the Marlins with Harvey up vs. a spot starter was a set-up clearly. Instead, for some reason, Harvey has been suspended and they lost 7-0 with a spot starter of their own struggling. The bright spot was rookie Paul Sewald, now apparently wasted to eat two innings with the Mets' big lead the day before, coming to pitch 3.1 of two run (one on a wild pitch) ball. Since [?] -- team doesn't want just to come clean -- they knew yesterday, they should had held Sewald to start. Could have went four and figure things out from there.

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