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Friday, July 28, 2017

Saving ACA

After a West Coast Mets game was over, I was watching C-SPAN waiting for the vote for "skinny repeal" of ACA, which turned out to be a drawn out process that ended with McCain voting with Collins and Murkowski (two consistent "noes") against it. Many were upset at McCain for coming back after his cancer prognosis and voting to continuing the process. The whole thing was screwed up but the end result is appreciated. And, there 48 Democrats and three Republicans did the right thing. Lots of battles to come. But, whew. And, as a whole, Republicans still are horrible. Individual Republicans doing things like this are appreciated.

ETA: CJ Roberts was key to saving ACA so this gives me a chance to note the updated SCOTUS website. Sorta underwhelmed. SCOTUSBlog eventually talked about it, but in underwhelming fashion. Uh. They already had Internet links cited, access to transcripts, audio and other case information.

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