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Thursday, July 13, 2017

The L Word

I don't have Netflix (need to get a free month again!) and for some reason NYPL doesn't have the second season (the third is now over!) of Jane The Virgin. So, started on this, though had some DVD scratch issues. First few episodes are pretty good (yes, up and running on the explicit scenes) though Jenny already is a bit insufferable. Like Dana (I saw what happens. Unhappy face.) and Alice particularly. Alice was to be on an unaired spin-off that dealt with the "who killed Jenny" sixth season question. Talk of a reboot.

ETA: Yes, Jenny is tiresome, but the creator apparently based it some on herself. Explains why we see more of her at times than characters I personally rather see. Jennifer Beals, otoh, has some powerful moments. And, she does hot very good too. Season finale has some strong emotional moments, more than one heartbreaking. Some slow moments, but good show so far overall with some sweet and funny moments. Many familiar faces.

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