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Monday, July 24, 2017

TV Update

Story of a Girl was Kyra Sedwick's first directorial effort and had some familiar faces (her daughter, "t.v. husband" and actual husband had supporting roles). It involved a teenage girl affected by a viral sex video. Overall, very good, including the supporting roles. Grantchester had a good episode too. "Leonard" showed some toughness again. One episode in season left?! Meanwhile, late night baseball this week, and trading deadline watch.

Update: Started to read the Grantchester series and wasn't that interested. So, not sure how loyal the later episodes are though saw a reference they aren't in some fashion. The t.v. movie is mostly loyal to the YA book though a few interesting tweaks such as her choosing to post the video online. (The book was written in 2007 and doesn't use any phone/net/video referenes though even in 2007, there was some potential there.)

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