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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

AJ Applegate

I referenced this porn actress in a previous post, seeing her repeatedly in late night Showtime films. I have seen her in a few more -- she clearly is an Adam & Eve films favorite. Given how things are going, she has been quoted in the news and not just Maxim pieces.

And Also: The sort of stuff on Showtime is not obscene but Mets play is with the 11-1 start turning out to be a mirage. The offense is offensive (pen not much less so) and leaving dead-weight like Reyes on the roster apparently for nostalgia reasons (is it to help rookie Rosario? he's but part of the problem now) adds insult to the many injuries. Cespedes, the 29M "but 2015!" albatross, is yet again injured. Me? I very seriously would get rid of him. Real change.

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