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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mets Update

The Mets had a decent July (over .500) after a horrible May-June nosedive. So they are at least partially sellers -- Famalia for international slot money and prospects (to As with mixed reactions; talk teams weren't too interested) and iron man Cabrera for a promising prospect (Phils). Cespedes came back for a day and then left to get heel surgeries with talk of significant time missed in '19 while they prevaricated about the details. To be continued? Me? I think you trade Wheeler if a top prospect is provided. Meanwhile, NY Daily News fired a bunch of people, decimating the sports section. Kristie Ackert doing Yankee games now.

ETA: Forgot to mention a signing of a decent OF off trash heap -- Austin Jackson -- DenDekker simply not hitting and multiple other outfielders hurt or hurting. No trade deadline action -- I'm quite annoyed they didn't trade Wheeler at the height of his value. They had a blowout & Reyes pitched last night [7/31] -- final score was 25-4.

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