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Saturday, August 04, 2018

The Secrets

I have made multiple false starts with books over the last week or so, but am glad to have more luck with video. Recent reports that a few women are becoming Orthodox rabbis is relevant to this Hebrew film about a young woman who goes to a special seminary to put off marriage and helps a French woman find peace for her past crimes before she dies. Has religious, feminist and lesbian themes. Overall, well done with good DVD extras though you can watch the film itself free at Kanopy; good for me since my DVD copy had a glitch.

ETA: The Finnish movie (focus on soccer aside, pretty universal) Open Up To Me involves a transsexual who is reckless while trying to find some happiness, and unlike some movies, doesn't get away with any of it. The one good result was regarding something she was wrongly accused of. A somewhat depressing affair for most involved but well acted.

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