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Monday, September 24, 2018

Unsane aka Lighter Fare For The Times

In between local PBS stations on my FIOS dial (channels 13 and 21) there are a few channels, including Spanish ones and Hampton TV, a low rent looking local station. Late Saturday nights (2AM), an appropriate time (Svengoolie is now on the too early 8PM slot) is Macabre Theater, with a sexy Elvira sort of host. The best approach for both, especially given this one has even more commercials, is to DVR, so you an fast forward. Latest was Unsane (no not that one). It's an old Italian "giallo" flick that is a mix of slasher type killing and boring exposition [somewhat obviously dubbed though the channel seems always to use cheap copies of films in general] mixed with the host's campy bits. Fun late nite fare.

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