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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Lust Enough To Share

As suggested by my recent multi-post discussion of obscenity cases, I have some interest in that genre. Fairly regularly, there are some soft porn movies on late night (around 1AM), particularly on Showtime. Over the years, those who keep track, might notice familiar faces and production companies. So, we had take-offs of genre films like The Devil Wears Nada, which is an amusing take-off of the film with more than one actor (actress) with some skill and style. The leading cast members there popped up in various films. The same with as noted more recently actresses like AJ Applegate. 

The subject film is one of the lesser films (aka Adventures with the Bumgartners, which to those familiar with title shows it is a sequel of a popular film)  though it decent enough -- it doesn't look as cheap like some of the films shown, which are more about showing women with fake looking breasts apparently. A favorite of mine is Lust on the Line, which is a collection of extended vignettes pattered around a sex host on the radio, ending with well crafted scene involving the host herself.  I do not claim reality here, but we are talking extended scenes that show some class.

The one here is a bit garbled -- there is about a five minute introduction in a kitchen (after opening credits involving a couple kissing or something in an artsy sort of framing) that appears to be geared toward those familiar with the first film. "Mrs. B."  is a clear flag there. We also get some sense one person is supposed to be the daughter though the age difference doesn't seem that much different. Anyway, we soon have a somewhat quick lesbian scene involving the mom and some other character who I'm not clear about. Then, the babysitter from the first movie has a scene with her girlfriend, played by familiar face AJ Applegate (no relation but an apparent resemblance to Christiana does explain use of that as a stage name).  And, back to the daughter, with her black boyfriend.

A note here -- the films on late night tend to favor white people though there is sprinkled among the films many an ethnicity. Erotic Obsession involves a Middle Eastern actress. The Head and Breakfast film I referenced includes a scene with a black wife.  One film involving various people in theory has a black therapist.  One take off on Law and Order (Law and Orgasm, with a surprise ending and some verve) has a black woman playing a police officer. But, usually white. So, black guy is notable.

Did not watch this film straight through though saw the first twenty-five or so minutes and skipped around some to see the rest. I appreciate some of these movies take the time to craft extended sex scenes but likewise admit to being bored of them at some point. Again, showing some style doesn't mean these films are that good.  American mainstream films have a lot of sex in them, but that too is a depressing part of things. The Notebook here was nice in that you had a lead woman who was shown to enjoy sex, to be emboldened by it (she was like "damn that I waited so long to do this!").  Exceptions exist.

Following some links from the AJ Applegate Wikipedia page, we get a full listing of her films, including the type of sex she performs in them. In this case, we get this code: " Facial CumSwap IR."  It turns out that "IR" means interracial.  Sure.  "Facial" is a common term -- ejaculation on the face.  The other term is defined thusly: "Guy cums in her mouth, she spits it out into someone else's mouth. If the performer is part of the swap, they'll have the tag, be they male or female."  On the other hand, don't think much of that is actually shown in the Showtime cut. 

It often doesn't occur in these films, but the camera angles makes it hard also to tell if there is penetration. A few shots in films make it hard to imagine it does not though you never actually see cocks in these films generally speaking.  It is a bit shocking, in fact, that you actually see a bit of cum in the mouth of a woman in the Lust on the Line version shown. Over the years, actually seeing penis on late night soft porn [it really is not much different in non-porn] is surprising. You get all of the women (less of the pubic area; but it pops up regularly) and at times see ass of the men.

This doesn't mean the stuff isn't available, obviously, and you can see it on Porntube and other websites.  Plus, if you pay for your porn via video on demand, there is a lot of more explicit films available on your cable box.  Also, at least once, I found online more explicit cuts of films where actual penetration occurs. The code for AJ Applegate suggests this film also has cuts that are more explicit.  There is no "facials" from what I can tell on Showtime and other similar movie channels. The fact that a lead character in the old series Life on Top had to dispose of a condom and shower after sex in the first episode is rather notable. 

I don't quite know the lines for "soft porn" here but personally wouldn't mind now and then seeing a bit of penis, if only to add a bit of realism. Film is generally a matter of suspending belief, but it is a matter of degree. You can note to show degree that you cannot just have sex and just put your clothes back on without being sweaty etc. sometimes. Some reference to cum -- we are talking sex here -- would seem appropriate.  I have not seen so many of these films that I can make a full index, but it gets a bit silly how rare such  thing even is suggested. 

We need a good erotic drama though that did pops up in various shows such as one that covered the 1970s porn scene or some such thing.  Even the "Good Witch" on Hallmark back in the day guest starred in such a show.  Good erotica and porn is appreciated. 

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