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Sunday, December 25, 2011

52 Little Lessons from It's a Wonderful Life

I received this book free from Book Sneeze in return for providing a review.

I am a movie buff.  For the longest time, I enjoyed movies, both in actual theaters and on the small screen.  All types, not just those with some sort of "point" or "message," and even those often are just fun to watch.  You know, like one of those films on Hallmark.  It's A Wonderful Life is such a movie.  It is fun to watch -- it is a bit over the top but still enjoyable, even if you watch it a lot of times.  There is also a type of imaginary world feel to it, like watching Andy Griffith.  But, it is also nice because of its values.

This makes it perfectly logical to use it as the basis of a set of "little lessons" and I actually remember my religion teacher once back in the day referencing that he played the movie sometimes for its lessons.  The movie has an angel in it and all, but like it isn't overly religious about things, so has a broad appeal.  Bob Welch here provides some scriptual references among his lessons, this being provided by a Christian themed book club and all, but "Christian" here is more of a generic thing though George's willingness to sacrifice his life for others does have a certain Christian symbolism of sorts.  Still, the book has a possible wide audience, the film facts and other details also of interest.

How does it handle its goals of discussing lessons of faith, humility, good works and so forth?  Fairly well.  I think the basic values, like the trilogy just cited, are as important as they are fairly briefly stated.  So, I don't think you really need "52" or anything and after a bit, that could get a bit boring.  Still, especially if you (seems logical) read one a week, or skim, it is a pretty good book.  Might work as a stocking stuffer.

Some vids from someone who liked the book more than I can be found here