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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Giffords to Resign

For the past year, Gabby has shown the world the person I have always known – an extraordinary woman of fierce drive, determination and courage. Gabby made the right decision for her and her family, but this is just the beginning of the next chapter of her story. I know that Gabby will find other ways to fulfill her calling of public service and continue to lead and inspire the nation. I feel blessed to call Gabby Giffords a dear friend and look forward to supporting her in whatever she decides to do next.

-- Sen. Gillibrand (NY), friend of Rep. Giffords

Giffords will resign from Congress shortly.  She was a rising star, the moderate politician who had the ability to go far, cut down but not destroyed doing her job, meeting with the public.  One example of what she brought was her first "date" with her husband -- she was going to a prison as part of her attempt to think over her position on the death penalty.  Another friend in Congress is Rep. Wasserman Schultz, a great fighter for the party, who used her own struggles with breast cancer to note the importance of health care rights. 

Her decision probably was in part a means to give her possible Democrat replacement (hers being a swing district) some time to establish themselves  before needing to (months later, it seems) run again for a full term.   A bit curious really.  Well, maybe I'm being too practical -- her decision might be purely a matter of what is best for her.   Good luck.