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Friday, April 27, 2012

Comics Encourage Classical Education

The way to be introduced to classic literature -- comic strips. I downloaded this work (it translates to just over 50 pdf pages) and will put it on the reading list along with Demian, a work by Herman Hesse (which I'm sure Rat will dismiss just as well), the library copy reserved having an introduction by the author of the former work!

I would also have little reason to note the latter work -- German literature is generally not my thing though I'm about to read Guilt, a sequel to Crime, both a collection of short stories by a present day German defense attorney.  The book popped up in Eloise's Lover (summary of book), a good movie that I came across my chance.   The film had a good moment when said lover noted that she "hated" Eloise because falling in love with her was quite hard and rather scary -- shades of Moonstruck, where the mother was sorry her daughter truly fell in love with Nicholas Cage (pre-conspiracy thriller) since that makes things so much harder.

No telling if I will like either, but if nothing else, both are short.