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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sisters in Faith Holy Bible by Michele Clark Jenkins

Over the years, I have had various bibles for various reasons, including the fact that the Hebrew and Christian holy writ are downright interesting.  Like some other things, such as the U.S. Constitution, lots of people are very affected by the books though they often do not really read them closely.

Back in the day, e.g., chances were the average person did not even know how to read them, if they even had a copy available in the everyday language of the community involved.  These days there are loads of options and I obtained one -- the Kings James Version -- from Sisters in Faith via the Book Sneeze program.  The idea is that I review the book, no strings attached on the content of the review, and get to keep the book free of charge.  Not a bad deal, huh?

One thing that I look at in getting bibles is the look.  I know the content is key here, but it's nice to have a good looking bible, like the big family bible from my childhood.  This is an attractive looking copy with a colorful cover, easy to read text and so forth.  You can put it on the top of the book shelf and open it up when the spirit moves you or you wish to check a verse or passage.  For instance, a recent discussion of the death penalty involving concerns of innocents being killed brought to mind Abraham and Sodom as well as the parables of Jesus.  This is a big dictionary size copy that allows you to quickly look for desired passage while still useful for regular use, including for religious study.

As to study, one helpful addition to various bibles are commentary.  I enjoy commentary as a whole and over the years read various interpretations of the various books in question from various perspectives.  This copy provides a little summary of each book, adds "practical applications," prayers and highlights special quotes in various of the books.  This is a nice touch.  It can be a launching pad for contemplation and discussion or skipped over if it is not for you.  I might disagree with some interpretation or sentiment, but who doesn't in this area?  This copy also has a detailed index referring to various passages, helpful maps and various pages for those who wish to write down some notes.

Overall, it is a beautiful looking copy of the Christian Bible though perhaps not worth the cover price.  The bible is specifically geared to black women, but I think overall, the perspectives it offers are general, "sisters in faith" a broad group with concerns that many can understand and relate to.