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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Down Rebel Way

Welcome Delaware to the marriage equality fold.  Delaware: not just the place for corporations any more.

Meanwhile, after some early high spirits, the chance for rationality down in South Carolina is on weaker ground -- Mark Sanford, who after all did  win there thrice (two without opposition according to Wikipedia) though that was before some bit of drama, is now neck and neck.  [Local coverage with the paper in question endorsing Colbert-Busch.*]  The "his win was pretty expected" comments are already coming.   Oh shut up.

The SC delegation is an example of gerrymandering** in action or something. There are seven members, one (black) Democrat. There are Dems in the state legislature. By the numbers, there should be at least two Dems in the House delegation. That to me might be the big reveal here.  Also, the election matters since upsets (or even tough races) in red areas are of note, bleed Republican resources and spread the brand. Her bio also seems to be attractive; she sounds like a good “face” of the party, even if she cannot win here.  And, darn, go Colbert!

Polls are now closing.   [Sigh.]


* "We endorsed Ms. Colbert Busch in Sunday’s paper, citing her impressive background in the business community, her energetic advocacy of economic development in the district and her resolve to work across party lines to advance practical solutions to the pressing problems of our times." 

** One local article notes "The 1st Congressional District follows no logical geographic lines but instead includes parts of five counties."

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