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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Working Girl

The author of the book just referenced was the source of the famous movie The Birds, which started out as a short story that was not about some classier than class eye candy.  Might have to read it some time. Was not really overly impressed by the movie -- it really requires you to be mesmerized by the lead, since much of the running time involves her without anything really bad going on.

No disrespect to Tippi Hendren, who is the mom of Melanie Griffith, herself one of those actress best known for a few roles (1988 was a good year, particularly given Working Girl; she had at least one jail-bait role in the 1970s) though she continues to work until the present.  It is nice when actors and actresses have long careers -- Mystic Pizza (1988) is an example. Multiple people there still have work, including each female (the male love interests and at least one supporting character have found work too) lead. It's helped by cable (or whatever) expanding greatly the number of roles. Annabeth Gish (distantly related to the silent screen stars), for instance, is in the new series The Bridge, which I sometimes saw previews for while watching something else (like The Fosters, maybe) on demand. 

Working Girl has some of this, including a bit even regarding the spin-off. Yes, though I don't recall it (liked the movie), there was a television version (see also, Baby Boom), if one that only lasted twelve episodes (less showed).  Melanie Griffith's part was played by ... a young Sandra Bullock!  I actually remember her being cut from Letterman once when she played a small supporting role in an early movie of hers. He later apologized, apparently seeing the charm she showed back then too.
The basic idea of a Staten Island girl done good -- assistant to junior exec -- is followed, but without the whole Harrison Ford deal (Trask appears to be the only real cross-over character ... the person who plays her boss in this version is another "I know her" character actor sort).  When Bullock's early work is referenced, it generally is some crappy Amazon themed film or maybe Love Potion No. 9. In fact, she had a few other roles, including some television work.  Ah trivia.  It's useful ... right?

Oh, the Sal Pascarella character sounds like the nudge from While You Were Sleeping, one of her first true "cute girl" successes.


* The intro provides a low rent view of the Staten Island ferry shots from the film, plus a subway turnstile, suggesting she is perhaps working midtown somewhere.  The ferry is currently free, which makes it a great little tourist stop. At some point, it was fifty cents, at least one way. Not bad either.  I'm pretty blase about NYC, lifer here, but felt a bit like a tourist myself here recently -- nice people watching too while waiting for the ferry to load. Mini-UN of sorts.  But, really. Free?!