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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Court Stuff

Trump continues the theme from earlier in going after a judge in a fraud case, bring up his ethnicity. Odds and ends from the Supreme Court (one boring opinion), including Breyer/RBG focusing on geographical disproportionate death sentences. Local control, encouraged by the 6A (local juries), furthers this. But, death is different and "unusual" punishments are of special concern. A per curiam shows that. June here: big cases coming.

Update: More on the geographical point here. The counterarguments come off as exaggerated and it simply is not merely an "abolitionist" thing. It's a general rule. Also, if you can't trust someone who might be against a litigant's belief's, that applies to all beliefs including those you like. Gay judge? No "defense of marriage" litigants! Can't be the rule.

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