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Friday, June 17, 2016

RIP Jo Cox and Let Us Be Sane

I linked a thread that had some of my thoughts on the terror list gun ban proposal (not sure if it should be DOA and maybe it will help temper the whole watch list since guns will cause people to be concerned), one which some progressives along with others consistently find problematic. Republicans less so -- are they worried about the no fly list generally?  Not to my knowledge. 

But, the recent filibuster wasn't only about one proposal. A background check bill might also be voted on, limits on "weapons of war" (the AR-15 was invented for that purpose) generally and so on was also discussed.  Serious conversation here will require compromise, some proposals (especially at first) not likely (at times rightly) obtaining majority support.  So, the whole thing/thread is interesting, don't worry, even opposition to one proposal doesn't make the filibuster not worth it. 
Christiane Amanpour (Facebook/Twitter): "In deep shock still at British MP Jo Cox's assassination. A woman who showed the best most courageous face of politics, the righteous anger at the Syria war, the kind compassion for refugees, and the refusal to demonize the other. She leaves an important legacy for her daughters and for all of us."
The opening video regards a British politician who was recently killed though even there we can compare this to the mass shooting that injured Rep. Giffords and killed others, including a young child. The politician was shot and stabbed but in the U.S. we have much more firepower.  With the amount of guns, hate, screwed up people and so forth in this country, we are not going to totally deny the chance of the forces of chaos to win battles. What we might be able to do is reduce the effects, something akin to how modern warfare is less lethal because of medical advancements and current rules of warfare.  Sadly apt metaphor.
Gabrielle Giffords ‏@GabbyGiffords (Twitter): "The assassination of MP Jo Cox at the hands of a man driven by hatred is a manifestation of a coarseness in our politics that must stop."
It is totally fair to bring up Trump here because he is a product of various things wrong with our system and political parties.  Trump is seen as a bit too rude for many Republicans but the people who form his base is nto "beyond the pale" and neither really is Trump.  And, the things he incites, even if Trump himself doesn't support it (though he does support various nasty things) is his responsibility too.  We have a simple responsibility to be sane here, support rationality and some basic minimum of shame.  This election even more than 2000 and 2004, which was pretty emotional for me, is really a line in the sand.

See here too. The discussion references the few cases where protests of Trump became violent. This from what I can tell was some shoving, throwing eggs and damaging a car or something.  A handful of places. But, it's a horrible thing to do, even though it's sadly predictable* that bullying and forth will result in desperation moves (see the 1960s). It is tragic that violence is used so much in the Palestinian conflict.  And, some low volume version happening here is bad too.  Nor, is irrational visceral replies useful in my view online generally.  Sanity for all!


* One comment said it well:
Violence at Trump rallies, particularly committed by frustrated and scared young people terrified of what Trump’s movement means for them, can simultaneously be: 1. An entirely understandable and predictable response, sociologically and psychologically, 2. Emotionally satisfying in the short term, 3. Counterproductive in the medium to long term, and 4. Morally wrong.
Trump and his enablers had some blame here too, particularly those with more power than some twenty-something protester. Plus, the small numbers and the fact they aren't supported by the candidate counts. But, partially since I'm for a higher standard (unfair as this might be on some level), sanity standard, we still need to oppose it strongly.

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