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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Trump Tapes

TPM has some good analysis, including how what is on the tape does not only reflect the man but his actions. The end game for Republicans now is to try (up to a point; some minority will go further) distance themselves but still seek to retain control of Congress. This can't be allowed. They made their bed and simple justice warrants they lose. But, it still looks damn close. BTW, you know the media (MSNBC was up late live) LOVE this. Finally, some said HRC should focus on herself more than being anti-Trump. Had point, but darn, he makes it hard.

Update: Bottom video. Wow. She ices it. Plus, everyone has BIG possibles -- PENCE OUT! TRUMP OUT! LOSE HOUSE! Eh. Calm down. Happy with comfortable Senate, closer House. There is a month. OTOH, "TO BE CONTINUED" feel here. Still, think there might be disappointments. Still, Garland in? Would be a pretty big gesture. Guess too late though.

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