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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Justice Gorsuch

Only a matter of time. The general sentiment appears to be he is a young (49) Scalia type wunderkind who would be an ideal choice if he died now. Well, for a conservative President. But, that is not what happened. Obama was robbed of a justice and Republicans couldn't even deign to have hearings. Horrible on basic civics levels, putting aside politics. Democrats must play hardball here. Screw the "be reasonable" unilateral disarmament brigade.

ETA: Dawn Johnsen being blocked as OLC rankled, saw it as of special symbolic importance.

Meanwhile: Another last minute death penalty rejected blocked without comment, including from RBG who supported a stay. Sen. Gillibrand (NY) supports a filibuster, but based on ideology. Facebook message doesn't MENTION Garland.

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