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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Wild Card Weekend: Division Leaders sweep

There were two back-ups (one a third stringer) and a regular perhaps playing with a sore hand and the scores showed it. Not totally sure about the last part; the Lions v. Seahawks an unbalanced affair in general, the Lions finding ways to lose, the others a way to win. Dolphins have found ways to win even with their back-up, but played poorly today vs. tough Steelers. The Texans lucked out -- figured with the actual starters, either potential competitor would beat them easily. Giants defense stop Packers for around 20m.

ETA: Dolphins probably glad just to get in, Detroit might have been too (and used to playoff futility). NYG might honestly felt the same way given their poor offense. Oakland saddest result given potential without late season injury. Texans also (tbh) probably see rest as gravy. Still, fans have a right to expect a bit better than four unbalanced results.

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