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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Insanity Official

Congress officially counted the electoral votes on Friday, perhaps appropriately the unofficial end of the Christmas season. A few Democratic House members on various grounds challenged the count, but unlike Sen. Boxer joining in 2004, no senators did. So no two hour debate on question. Disgusted not a single senator was willing to join in. These were real issues and we deserve at least one gadfly (RIP Nat Hentoff) who doesn't compromise like this. The normalization of Trump, with appreciated occasional comments, continues.

ETA: Yes, Nat Hentoff has died. I was a consistent reader of him at the Village Voice and on the whole liked him. At times, think he went a tad too far without proper nuance. For instance, for Bush v. Gore without noting how the winners had very unclean hands etc. Clinton is the worst President? But, gadflies often are like that. Then again, even though he was pro-life (against death penalty too), he supported free speech in Rust v. Sullivan.

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