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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gorsuch Hearings

Again, Twitter (I'm JoePaulson2) such as Kimberly Robinson great at live tweeting and updates. Coincidence or not (hard to believe they had no idea), SCOTUS today handed down a 8-0 slamdown of an emotional-laden Gorsuch opinion. Basic b.s. for me is his refusal to admit how judging overlaps some with politics as if it is coincidental who nominates the justice. More "I'm a judge, a special snowflake," so don't look at my experience in Bush Administration or something. Just be honest, okay? And, an old bit about judges being influenced by what they had for breakfast was cited enough times to start a drinking game.

ETA: Support filibuster. Show of force to respond to norm violation, good for base, keep pressure on and who knows what will happen next time? Marginally better nom? Finally, if concerned about public reaction, how that work with Garland? Too many didn't care much. Those who did leaned Trump. Plus, very well might fail without a "nuclear option" [kinda best policy anyway, especially with recent abuses of it] with some sort of return. A few Republicans likely to want to retain filibuster for their own power/tradition concerns.

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