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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

World Baseball Classic

Don't know about "classic," but it's nice to have a true "world series," even though it is a bit strange Puerto Rico plays against U.S. (perhaps again). Caught some of it here and there with Israel a notable surprise early. Netherlands (key players from their island possessions) was just eliminated, unable to take advantage of multiple scoring opportunities. Sorta hoped they advanced. The first/second automatic runners in the 11th rule (nice touch) burned them twice! But, enough with the late broadcasts, last night's game ending around 2AM.

ETA: Issue as to time is that multiple games played in West Coast parks, but with teams from the West Indies, Europe etc. (last night game ended c. 7AM Netherlands local time) playing. So, unlike West Coast games, not even the local team is on "normal time." Just select players and the fans watching in the stadium. 11PM even there is a bit late.

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