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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gorsuch Hearings

I myself can't stomach watching [thanks Twitter] Judge Gorsuch, who sounds full of shit and is here thanks to to the Republicans' unprecedented (and wrong) blocking of Garland. You are tainted too, Gorsuch! No, the "Biden Rule" application is b.s. But, do agree hearings in general have an educational function plus serve an overall legitimizing role by putting him out in the open interacting with senators. Finally, do think a bit of the person and views do come out, helped by reporting/commentary. Very well the questioning is stupid and it is right to expect more substantive answers. But, that doesn't change the rest. Fix that!

And Also: Sen. Schumer uses Russia investigation of Trump Administration as reason for delay. Sure. I see this as all connected though some things are more so in certain ways.

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